Do you like Birkenstocks?

No matter your thoughts on Birkenstocks, you may find them comfortable or geeky, but fashion addicts love them. So much so that in North America it’s almost impossible to find them.

If you have an account on TikTok you will have noticed the videos about these clogs that have always divided fashion addicts. There are those who love them and those who see them as geeky sandals. “Cool girls wear Birkenstocks,” says the voice recorded in this influencer’s TikTok.

(The choice of this TikTok is casual. I chose it after searching the platform for ‘cool girl wear Birkenstock’. The video is among the first to be released). 

After I noticed this video became a trend on TikTok and then because I’m not a big fan of Birkenstocks in general, I asked myself: why do people go crazy over these clogs?

Short note: after all the influencers in the world started promoting them a few years ago, I bought them too. I purchased them in London before going on holiday to Italy (I got the Arizona) suitable to wear in the summer. But personally I just did it to have a fashionable pair of shoes.

Then when I saw the Boston worn with socks – I’m not a fan of them – I got curious and started doing some research to see why the Birkenstock Boston model has become one of the must-have fashion items for several years.

After googling the name of these clogs, I ended up in the New York Times and was struck by the article ( If You Want These Birkenstocks, You May Have to Pay Up. By Madison Malone Kircher) where she says that these Birkenstocks are impossible to find in the U.S. 

“There’s even a group on the Birkenstock subreddit, a community devoted entirely to the German footwear brand, users post updates alerting other community members when certain styles are back in stock online.” She says in the article.

But how did these clogs go from orthopedic sandals to one of the most desired items by fashion addicts?

I remember that out of nowhere, a few years ago I saw on social media stars starting to be seen wearing these clogs, and she confirms this in her article. “Stars come the rise of the Birkenstock Boston did not happen overnight. The clogs were spotted in 2021 on the feet of many celebrities, including Kendall Jenner, Kaia Gerber, and the YouTube personality Emma Chamberlain.”

And voila in no time everyone was looking for them.

I have to admit that even if they are not my favorite shoes, they are the most comfortable ones I have ever worn, not to mention that they are very useful for posture. So, in this case, I think the promotion of them by the stars was well worth it.

And I’m sure 100% that we all deep down thanked the stars for bringing them back into fashion because they are so comfortable!

It is the case to say that next to the Louboutins and Manolos there can also be Birkenstocks.

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