Lockdown and social network

Admit it, lockdown and social networks are a perfect match.  You spend hours at home looking at photos and videos found in these spaces that connect the world virtually. And I would also say, thank goodness they are there! 

Since the first lockdown they have kept us company and brought us into homes all over the world, making us realise that we are not so different after all. In these months of lockdowns it has been the platforms that have satisfied our desire to socialise. 

It is hard to imagine how 2020 will be told in the history books, but it is easy to understand what is happening on social networks.


Hand up those who have spent hours staring at their smartphone and scrolling through videos on Tik Tok. In fact, the app holds the record for the average time spent online. What is the reason for this? The structure.

It’s so comfy to scroll with your finger and watch all kinds of videos. Then of course you can choose the themes that interest you. 

Opening the app takes you to a page where short videos follow one another, without the user being able to stop them and chosen by a very advanced algorithm. It is the social of ballets, challenges, activism and creativity. 


It is the digital space of images. Launched in 2010 by two Silicon Valley developers with the particularity of vintage filters to apply to their photos, in 2012 it was bought by Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook. 

Over the years the functionality has increased but the image has remained central. Contrary to predictions, in 2020 Instagram became an app for searching for information, especially in the fashion and travel sectors.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram does not allow external links to be included and therefore content is more curated and usable. Furthermore, in 2019 the app generated 20 billion adverts, making it a favourite with clothing brands. This is all thanks to influencer marketing. On instagram, it is people who carry the advertising message, through shopping tips and reviews.

Tell me, which is your favourite?

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