Kamala Harris: The candidates (Part 4)

All of Biden’s advisors thought it was the case and time to choose a woman who wasn’t white, but Biden was impressed by Whitmer, an energetic Midwestern moderate. They belong to the same species, and he also built a strong and affectionate personal relationship with Warren during the months of the lockdown, through daily phone calls to comment on the evolution of the epidemic and to develop plans and programs on things to do as soon as they settled in the White House.

In addition, all surveys and focus groups showed the need to choose a person from a different generation than Biden but also with great experience, given Biden’s age and the vastness of the country’s problems. Susan Rice is highly regarded by Biden and her parents and extraordinarily well prepared, but has no political experience.

In the end, Harris remained the only one who met all the requirements and needs of this historic moment. It was not a surprising choice. Her long experience as an attorney in a state like California, which is practically a nation, 40 million inhabitants, the fifth largest economy in the world. Its radically new identity. Her strong charisma and ability in debates.

Her being a fundraising machine: Joe Biden‘s committee raised $48 million in donations in the first 48 hours after Harris’ appointment. The solidity showed throughout his career. And then there’s the personal complicity, the trust: it was during his years at vice president Biden’s office that he discovered how much they matter.

In the days following the death of his son Beau, in 2015, Biden and his closest relatives wore a bracelet with the acronym WWBD – “What Would Beau Do” – remember to live their lives as Beau would have done, to which they attributed the rare quality of knowing how to do the right thing. Some still wear them.

Kamala Harris and Beau Biden were friends – while she was a prosecutor in California, he was a prosecutor in Delaware – and they often talked about the issues they worked on.

Biden talked a lot with Beau during his years in the White House, and Beau spoke often and well of Harris. Despite the low blow during that televised confrontation, Biden chose Kamala Harris. Trump did not fail to notice immediately that he would never choose someone who had so “disrespected” him.

This is how Kamala Harris was chosen by Biden’s team. For now, all we can do is watch and wait for how this presidential election ends. Enjoy watching!

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