Kamala Harris, how she became Joe Biden’s vice (Part 1)

Joe Biden’s committee started thinking about the person to run for the vice presidency of the United States, at the end of April. That was exactly two weeks after Bernie Sanders withdrew from the primary. After that time, Joe Biden’s name began to circulate as a possible candidate for president of the Democratic Party.

He already had clear ideas about the choice of the vice president. Joe Biden wanted someone who would help him win the election and who would be able to govern the United States. Then there was something else. All this would happen without any leaks. And so it was. In fact, after Kamala Harris was chosen, the news was first announced to all supporters with a message on whatsapp. The journalists heard about it along with everyone else. So he kept his promise of confidentiality.

All this work was done by four people that Biden trusts blindly. Christopher Dodd, a former senator of very long experience, one of Biden’s best friends and allies during his forty years in the Senate. Eric Garcetti, the current ambitious mayor of Los Angeles; Lisa Blunt Rochester, the first woman and first African-American to become a Delaware congresswoman. Cynthia C.  Hogan, a lawyer with a great curriculum who was Biden’s legal advisor at the White House, and in the meantime had gone into institutional relations for the NFL and Apple. 

The committee conducted a total of 120 hours of conversations with parliamentarians, governors, businessmen close to the party and organisation activists. They gathered ideas, reflections, priorities that they shared with Biden, who spoke several times with the four both collectively and individually, asking for impressions and judgements.

Then, they came to a list of about 20 people, who were asked if they were willing to take part in the selection process and for each of them a dossier was compiled based on documents and information in the public domain: ideas, positions, articles, interviews, mistakes, scandals. At the end of this comparison, Joe and Jill Biden skimmed the list to 11 people.

I’ll stop here for today. This is just part of the selection process of how Kamala Harris was chosen for the vice-presidency. If you want to know more read the next article.

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