Where I found the motivation during the lockdown

I have been in lockdown for around the two months point by now, and even if I always dreamed a life like that, I never thought to live forced at home. In my mind there was something different. Working at home and having more time to go out and travel. Instead my weekly routine has been lobbed out the window with no chance of knocking on the front door to be let back in anytime soon. What’s happened? I’m not working at home and never like now I needed a motivation to maintain my routine. The quote that has been doing the rounds in my mind is: “Image you got a new job. Image, now, your job is doing what you always have wanted”. To write. I put together my thoughts and I started to make a plan. Since the beginning of the lockdown I never wrote an article. But I updated my skills doing some online course, reading books and of course I worked out like I was in the gym.

If you are on my same boat and you need to re-organize your current routine or your working home and would you like a few advices on where to find out a motivation look at my daily schedule.


Use the list and write yours. Let me give you just an advice, be realistic and flexible about what you can get done in a day, given the constraints we are currently under. It’s not you. I often go to the end of the week and have already shifted some tasks to the following week, but last week I managed to tick everything off and it felt like a big achievement. At the beginning of the week I don’t feel like I was giving myself enough to do, but you know what? It was the right amount and that’s the lesson here. This time is wired. It’s understandable if you don’t feel able to operate to your full, usual capacity. I set myself three to five tasks to each day, now go you!


7:00 AM – until I take my cup of cafe – Wake up! You can be flexible if you don’t have a meeting on Zoom!

8:00 – 9:00 AM – Shower, eat breakfast choose the outfit of the day and read news.

9:00 -12:30 AM– Morning study session. I spend parts of my day improving my skills reading books and joining the online lessons.

1:00 – 2:30 PM – Lunch time. I cook my favourite food.

2:30 – 5:30 PM – Afternoon work session, focusing on that I love to do. Writing articles and posting on social networks.

5:30 – 6:30PM –This is my activity slot. Rebounding and yoga classes are my favorites.

6:30 PM – until I fall asleep – Evening routine; making and eating dinner, reading, watching movies on my sofa.


Think about something you like, something that make you feel good, you can incorporate it into your routine. For me it’s reading news, I do love every morning. I like work on my blog and to sit down my laptop, review the past week, look at what went well, what I can improve on and what I need to do over the next week. The blog till some months ago was just an idea, but with a little more time on my hands it’s feels like it’s a job for me. It sounds like I’m at work in office and y manager is checking my performance, but it’s working for me. And if you are doing something you like, I’m sure, you don’t feel pressure on you. 

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”

Mark Twain


At the end of these two months not only my mind starts to implode if I think about current events but as someone who feels most happy when they feel like they are operating at fully productivity. Full of my energy I made up my project thinking every day that I’m lucky, even if everything isn’t going well. To be honest I feel like I go up and down on a ladder where at the top there is my goal. One day I’m at the top of the world and I fill my slot with extra pieces of content and new ideas. Some days I don’t feel creative, I see all black and negative and I might finish the day up a lot earlier than I usually would, or maybe I sit down at my laptop till lunch. It’s hard not to feel guilty or put pressure on myself in these moments, but I’m trying to cut myself some slack. This is temporary, I am so fortunate and it’s ok to take it easier. Repeat these words to yourself, might help you in your project whatever it is. 

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