For those who” virus doesn’t exist”

Over the world, some States that ignore Coronavirus pandemic. The experts said: in dictatorships crisis is a pretext to tighten up censure.

“In war, truth is the first casualty,” wrote Aeschylus, the Greek dramatist. If the reference to the “war” is inappropriate for COVID-19, it isn’t for the “truth”. The truth about the people infected and death is a kind of to secret information, in some countries. The reason: lack of means. In countries at war, like Yemen is impossible to find the swabs. The numbers do not add up in China and Turkey, especially for the lack of transparency of government and regimes. As Jair Bolsorano Brazil’s denies that the virus did not affect them. The same goes for Turkmenistan, Nicaragua and Bielorussia. On the report released by Reporters Without Borders (the leading international non-profit organization that safeguards the right in freedom information), there is a section called “Coronavirus”. According to the report, many leaders took advantage of COVID-19 emergency to restrict press freedom. 

Belarus, Fairytale land

At the heart of Europe, there is a kind of fairytale land where everything is fine, and people are happy. In this country, nobody dies because of Coronavirus. Or at the least for the President Aleksander Lukashenko elected in 1994, during the first democratic election in the state. The leader (colled by everyone <<batka>>, daddy) speaks about virus psychosis. “In our country, no one is dead because of coronavirus,” said the president in front of hundreds of people in the church. Everything is working in Belarus, even the football league. But this time, his population don’t trust him. Many people are auto isolating themselves, and state authority’s number is not in line with the president’s words. According to the Ministry of Health in April there has been the peak of the outbreak. By hundreds of the positive for COVID-19 up from 6.000.


In China, the virus exists. Although lately new cases would be gone. China reported 84,000 cases and less than 5,000 death. Considering that the population, one billion and 400 million and living density in the Chinese city of Wuhan is 10 million of residents, it is a mystery understand how is possible that China has had fewer deaths than other countries. Donald Trump criticized Xi Jinping for what he described as a lack of transparency over its coronavirus outbreak. “China was very secretive. Very, very secretive” telling reporters during a press briefing. Even Angela Merkel has put forward some doubts about the honesty of its eastern partner. However, Beijing’s answer has alway been: “ We never hid anything”. 

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