Find opportunities in treahts

In just a few weeks, a virus has transformed our life. States have shut down the business and sealed people indoors. One taboo after another has broken. Not just in the threat of fines or prison for ordinary people doing ordinary things, but also in the size and scope of government’s role in the economy. 

Credit guarantees by Britain, France and other countries, central banks are printing money and using it to buy assets they used to despise. For a while, governments are seeking to ban bankruptcy. The companies too, they don’t want to fail.  

How can companies survive? Now more then ever, it is essential the advertising. They know they can’t stop advertising if they want to reach their audiences but must also adapt to the changing environment. 

During the COVID-19, our economy needs brand voice than ever. The companies know, now is no the best time to sell a pair of shoes or an expensive bag, it’s a valuable time to be socially responsible and influence brand loyalists to take the right actions.

In this sector, marketers and influencer are the main characters. They have the responsibility to put the needs of the collective above all else, ad together, create for good. 

They can reach millions of people. In our current moment, they have a responsibility to spread accurate information and encourage their followers to do their part to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Inform can be a part of brand strategy.

Just like how brands work with influencers to raise their awareness around new products in a reasonable time, they can collaborate with them to raise awareness around a charitable organization. Brands will be raising funds for important causes and showing consumers what the brand values look like in action.

Now we are at home all day il goes without saying that everyone has a lot of extra time on their hands, brands need to find the right messaging to reach them.

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