Don’t leave your customers during a crisis

In three months, the world economy has been turned upside down. Schools, stores, and offices have been closed to try to contain the virus. The coronavirus pandemic pushed the economy into a recession, and it costs millions of people their jobs. But the company don’t have to give up and don’t abandon their customers. Maybe they are not making purchases but for the companies maintain the relationships are still relevant. 

To do this here some advice to stay connected with customers during uncertain times. Don’t push a big sale, it probably isn’t the best time to make a large purchase for the customers. Be respectful of the uncertainty, these are a difficult time for many people. Also, be transparent about the choices, especially if your company is closing the store and is facing a difficult decision like to lay off employees. 

These are bad news, and there is enough bad news in the world, we don’t need to read more. So your company doesn’t need to add to it.

Be positive and make an impact for good, customers appreciate authenticity. Even if your company is in the middle of the most severe crisis since the second world war, be available. 

Don’t forget your goal: make customers life more comfortable. 

Consumers don’t go away during the crisis, your company can use this period to evolve the customer experience. That’s why it is essential to build honest and authentic communication during crisis time. This can lead to a loyal and long term relationship.

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