I finally did it! I cleared my mobile phone memory of last year’s photos, because I was afraid of losing my favourite pictures. But this time I have set myself some rules. 

I will no longer take pictures of sunsets, snow, sea, mountains, and especially of my dog, in the emphasis of the moment. On the smartphone, the sunsets, the sea and the mountains are just a small reproduction of nature. This becomes banal. There is no grandeur or scent. And my dog?I’ll just keep a few fun photos.

I won’t make videos at concerts anymore. I can watch them on youtube.And I won’t take screenshots of looks on pintrest and instagram anymore.

 I always forget I took them and then I never wear what I see.  I prefer to go for a walk downtown, look in shop windows and buy that jumper the mannequin is wearing. 

Everything else I see on the web. Another thing I definitely won’t photograph anymore is food. Plates with food don’t really convey the idea. How can you smell pizza in a photo?

What I will photograph are the days of celebration, because we are all happy and I want to remember them that way. Even if the photos are blurry and there will always be someone with red eyes, I will keep them. Because I know that one day I will appreciate their value. 

Everything else is worth enjoying the world with real eyes.

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