10 rules for not writing randomly on socials

Before publishing a post, a tweet, or share a memory on Facebook, do you check the content? Few people do it. Social network profiles are full of nice posts, but there are also posts full of inappropriate words that offend, denigrate, and make people angry. That is why it is becoming increasingly important for each of us to be aware of what we post online. 

Here are 10 rules to avoid offending your users on social media.

  1. Virtual is real. I only say or write on the internet things that I have the courage to say in person.

2. We are what we communicate. The words I choose to tell the story of the person I am: they represent me.

3. Words form thought. I take all the time necessary to best express what I think.

4. Before speaking, one must listen. Nobody is always right, not even me. Listen with honesty and openness.

5. The words. I choose words in order to understand myself and approach others.

6. Consequences. I know that every word I say can have consequences, big or small.

7. Sharing is a responsibility. I share texts and images only after reading, evaluating, understanding them.

8. Ideas can be discussed. People must be respected. I don’t transform those who support opinions I don’t share into an enemy to be annihilated.

9. Insults are not arguments. I do not accept insults and aggression, not even in favour of my thesis.

10. Silence also communicates. When the best choice is to keep silent, I keep silent.

Let’s leave such talk to the bars.

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